Sept 2nd to sept 6th Recaps

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Weekly Update for Nov. 25-29, 2002
David tells Ivy that Sam and Grace are at odds again and their reconciliation has fizzled. Grace is highly critical of Sam for being so judgmental, and stalks off with David. The supposed husband and wife tend to John, who is happy they are all together. Sam is hurting when Ivy arrives to comfort him and take advantage of the situation. Antonio shocks everyone when he offers Sheridan her freedom. At the recording studio, Chad and Whitney spend a romantic evening together and dream of when their love can be out in the open. Meanwhile, Kay and Simone are determined to keep Chad and Whitney from fulfilling their dream. However, Simone wants to draw the line at ruining her sister's tennis career. When TC calls home to check on his daughters, Kay pressures Simone to get Whitney in trouble by revealing she's still out. Simone is torn. Gwen and Ethan celebrate their engagement. Pilar knows how upset Luis is because of Sheridan's decision to stay with Antonio and tries to comfort her son. Luis is put in the uncomfortable position of promising Antonio he would stay with him and Sheridan overnight at the cottage. Luis lashes out at Sheridan for staying with Antonio. Sheridan pleads her case. Eve confronts Liz about when she plans to reveal her past. Eve is amazed at how much Liz has changed, how full of hate and anger she is now. Julian and Ivy celebrate his divorce from Theresa. Whitney loses the match and TC is furious. He scolds his daughter for not taking this tournament seriously. Pilar receives a phone call from her old pal, Maria Celeste Arraras, who wants to do an exposé on the Cranes. Pilar tells Maria Celeste she's welcome to come over for Thanksgiving. Determined to win Ethan back, Theresa vows to spend as much time with him as possible before he marries Gwen. Ethan and Gwen discuss baby names. Gwen wants to move away from the mansion, and she questions Ethan's reasons for staying.