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Sneak peeks and rumors

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Sneak peeks for the week of dec 9th to dec 13th

Monday, December 9
Beth remembers life as a young girl with her mother. Theresa stands up to Alistair. Kay learns the truth about Jessica and Reese.

Tuesday, December 10
Theresa doesn't back down from getting what she wants. Miguel gives confession to an unexpected person. Kay encourages John to go after Charity.

Wednesday, December 11
Gwen learns that Ethan has been offered a job in Alaska! Grace is horrified by Kay's latest stunt. Ivy is determined to dance with Sam at Ethan and Gwen's wedding.

Thursday, December 12
Pilar is horrified that Theresa is up to her old tricks. Mrs. Wallace sinks to a new low in her quest to hurt Beth. Sheridan and Beth come face to face at the bridal shop.

Friday, December 13
Theresa prepares to destroy Ethan and Gwen's relationship forever. Sheridan and Luis long for each other at their wedding rehearsal to other people. Gwen excitedly plans for her future with Ethan.


Monday December 9, 2002.

Charity overhears Kay and Miguel arguing
Theresa stands up to Alistair
Beth tells Mrs. Wallace about her wedding plans

Tuesday December 10, 2002.

Charity and Miguel plan their wedding
Theresa resorts to blackmail

Wednesday December 11, 2002.

Rebecca suspects Theresa is up to something
Ivy steps up her physical therapy
Kay accuses Miguel of using her for sex

Thursday December 12, 2002.

Theresa tries to prevent Ethan from landing a job in Alaska
Beth remembers a disturbing moment from her childhood
Ethan urges Luis not to marry Beth

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These rumors are all new
Ethan picks Theresa
Ethan learns that gwen is Pregnant
Theresa confronts Gwen saying she is lying
Liz and Eve are sisters
Whitney is pregnant
Cracked Connie and Cecil have a little fun of their own
Fox comes for a christmas surprise
Ethan dumps Theresa
Ethan Martin is revealed as Ethan's son
Ethan dumps gwen again
Ethan and Theresa are engaged
Theresa suddenly gets atracted to Fox
Theresa gets an unwanted bed partner
One moment changes all the lives in Harmony

Now passions is getting good

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Monday, December 9
Beth remembers life as a child.

Thursday, December 12
Ethan plays right into Theresa's hands.

Monday, December 16
The engagement party for the four couples begins!

Wednesday, December 18
Ethan and Gwen's wedding day has arrived!