Cool Pics

E/T Photos

This photo gallery has pics of Lindsay,Lindsay and Travis,Travis,Eric,Eric and Lindsay,Theresa and Ethan,Theresa,Ethan and Little Ethan..and more....

Lindsay Korman
Travis Schuldt

Theresa accepts!!...(credit to Lost in you)
The Wedding!!

Eric Marsolf
Lindsay Korman and Travis schuldt star in "Fool for Love"

Theresa and her diary
Theresa's fantasy...Shirtless Eric!!!! to lost in you)

Baby Ethan Martin..He so cute..He got Ethan's eyes(lost in u)
Ethan,Theresa,and Baby Etha Martin...One True Happy Family(Credit to Lost in You)

Ethan and Theresa
A collage made by Jassy

Theresa's prom night....AKA: When she told Ethan she loved him

Ethan to the rescue

Theresa goes to Hell.....Happy Halloween!!!!