Cast and fan links

The following is a list useful links that I have compiled. If you wish to be added to this list, please send me an e-mail.

Offical Lindsay Korman site
This is the offical Lindsay Korman site..check it out
Travis schuldt's offical site
This is Travis schuldt's offical sie..or the ex-ethan offical it out
Eric Marsolf's site
Eric marsolf..the new ethan,offical site
Mckenzie westmore's offical site
Kenz's website
Galen Gering...Luis..offical site
Josh Ryan Evan's offical site
Josh Ryan Evans played timmy on passions. He died in august..It was truly sad..I was really sad...all the tears I shed couldnt bring him back...but plz visit his site for support to raise money for his charity
NBC.COM for all ur passions needs
Donn swaby's offical site
Donn Swaby's offical site..he is gonna be the ex-Chad Harris

Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald's Diary
Check out what's really inside theresa's head
Colleen's site
a really cool passions site
Lost In You
OMG this is like the coolest ethan and theresa site yet!!..Video clips,screencaptures...and many more...
Once Upon A Time
sandra's site has like the to lost in you, video clips.has some really funny promos...hehe..alot of stuff at this site