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It's Like Heaven

Sitting down all the same
Watching the drops of rain
Feeling what I do now

CHORUS: To feel your soft, tender lips
As you gently give me a sweet kiss
I can't believe this is happening
It's like heaven

Feels like my dreams are coming true
Being here together with you
I finally found my one
now I never wanna be done


I am here with you
confessing my love
All holy light witnesses
with heaven above
No love is more pure and true
But my love is for you


No love is more pure and true....
But my love is for you

You Knew
You were the one I relized
that you were the one to be
and I never meant to hurt you
but somehow you knew

When I wanted to tell you
you wanted to too
and i never thought that this could happen
but somehow u knew
All I ever wanted
was to be with you
and I never meant to do this
but somehow you knew...(ooh ooh you knew)

Knew that I couldnt suffer this way
That you just couldn't stay
Just listen now
you knew

Now it's not some big secret
kept for many years
It's coming out now....
Oh y could u know???


If I had the courage
To ask you your name
Then this situation
Wouldn't be the same

But there's something
Stopping me
I'll block away my shyness
Wait and see

I'll just go up to you
And tell you I like you
I won't be shy
And here's why

Everytime this happens
I always miss out
On something that
Might be really good

This is the last straw
I'm gonna stop this now
I'm gonna tell you I like you
There's no stopping me now

I'm putting my shyness aside
And telling you now


Suffering from a broken heart
Keeping all the pain inside
Fighting to cure the hurting
Nothing is so far working

CHORUS:::This pain inside is bad
Making all my emotions sad
I just wanna scream aloud!!
Because of this, I'm not proud

Let me take my mind away
I'll look back at this and laugh some day
But what do I do
With all this suffering inside??

A whole heart shattered to waste
I need it together, hurry, in a haste
All the tears filled a riverlane
Let my pain float away, it's all the same
Here's how to heal a hurt heart
Find little cupid and get hit by his dart
Heals the suffering and pain
Or else it'll drive you insane