My Songs


here is some songs i wrote

Broken pieces of my heart
solo: I tried to tell you
But you wouldn't listen then
So now listen and be quiet
Becaus this is the last time

I need you in my life
Why'd you have to go
Where do I turn from here
I don't no. Oh no no

Chorus:Broken pieces pf my heart lying all over the floor,
When can we stop fighting more and more?
Broken pieces of my heart lying all over the place,
When can we make up face to face?

Time is running out for me to come back
Tell me do you love me like a Big Mac?
I want you to hold me in your arms,
Calm and sweet, baby,this is a treat yeah..


You want me bad and I do too
I can't stand to be without you
I love you and you love me
Baby can't you see we're meant to be...


oooh oooh yeah (fading out)

What's happening, what's all this.
How come they're all going home
Did they just all become sick or
Did something more worst come.

Chorus: I just can't believe my eyes
What just happened is a big suprise
The world famous Twin-Towers is blown to the ground
Also the Pentagon and hearts all around

Who did this I want to know
Maybe mean old snotty people that don't like no
I really want revenge for my dear old N.Y.C.
And for America, "Terrorists just leave us be!"


( lowly: People singing We will rise)

Solo talking) This song is dedicated to all the people
that died and to the families that suffered and are still
suffering. To all the cops and firemen and rescue crew,
thanks for everything. This song is also dedicated to
my friend Joe Jenkens that died on that day in the towers.
My friends that suffered from their lose of family members.
Also to the brave people that tried to stop the plane crash.
But America will rise up and be the best we can be because..

(CHORUS) (x3 fading out)

The One

Since the day I met you, in the summertime
I just couldn't get you out of my head
It must be, a dream come true
Caz I never felt this way about anyone but you

So,...Are you the one, (are you...the one)
(Yeah yeah) Are you the one I been waiting for?
(My soul mate) The one i would always adore
I just know that you are the one

I been waiting for someone to come to me
Now I can rest you see,(caz I know)
That you,(That you), Are my one.
The one and only you, (are you the one)


Are you the one, (oohh,oohhh, yeah,(the one)
Are you the one, (oohh,oohhh, yeah,(the one)
(The one I've been waiting for)(my one)
You can call me crazy ( I don't care) caz
as long as you know that (I'll always be here)
(Caz I know that) you are the one.


(ooohhhh are the one)

Like wit' u

I want to be close to someone,that want to too
The perfect match is me and you
But to afraid to ask you out, boy
But will you ask me , I have some doubts
So take the time to take a test,
When your done, we’ll handle the rest

I wanna be with you, do u wanna be wit me
I just want to hear the truth you see
Well there’s nothing left to say or do
Caz I think i’m falling in like wit’ u

I used to like you but had to get over that
Now I hear rumors and my mind went SPLAT!
I’m so confused this ain’t right
Now I think I might get in to a fight

Do you wanna be wit me is ain’t easy to see
I just want to hear it peacefully
Well there is nothing left to say or do
Caz I think i’m falling in like wit’ u

Question one are u havin’ fun?
Question two is this affecting you?
Question three you think this is killing me?
Question four are you ready for some more

oooohhhh oooohhhh

ooh yeah

Tell me the truth caz it’s the last thing to do
Caz I know that i’m falling in like wit’ u

That Boy

OMG...Suddenly I feel so weird
WHat's up with that
Oh wait ..I have it again
happened when he walked by

CHORUS: What was that?..My stomach went queasy
Suddenly..I felt uneasy
Heh, I think I like this guy
hmmm...I wonder why?

You, boy is kind
lol..perfect boy of mine
Your soft,gentle and caring too
I think i'm falling in like with you


But you know
Should I tell you?
You might not care
Or will you
Do you even like me?
I don't know
I hope so, you do
caz i do so

ET 4Eva-(Duet with ethan and theresa)

(Theresa)- From the first time I saw you
I knew we had to be together
No matter what the odds
we will end up together

I give you my heart and soul
to be with you is my goal
true love at first site
me and you are just right

(Ethan)-From the the first time I saw you
you aggravated me
But now I truly look at you
Like your a lock and im your key

Your my love and always will be
but caz of all your lies we cannot be
If I could turn back time
We'll be together you and me

(Ethan and Thersa)-We are one now can't you see
Belong together you and me
Can't live without your love tonight....
But together we fit just right

(Theresa)-Look what we been through
(Ethan)-Look what we have seen
(Theresa)-We'll always have eachother
(Ethan)-Like our lives is a dream

(Both)-You love me and I love you
Over and over our love comes through
Caz our loves is pure and true
Oh my love...I love you


This is it
The final Brawl
This is it
see who'll fall

A fight to end all fights
to see who wins or bites
A few punches, 2 black eyes
This is it, we'll end all ties

After school behind the class
You come, I come to kick eachother's.....
No more running, no more fun
I'm seriuos, like a kid on the run

I'm strong enough, tough enough, c'mon lets go
Your already that, that I know
I bruised you once before
You never bruised me, ha nevermore

Backhand smacked, ounched in the rib
I keep going cause I never give
Doubled teamed on that day
Things werent going my way


It's a brand new day
Whatcha gonna do
Gonna run a mile
or eat some food

goto to school
learn a bit
come home
then throw a fit
Lots of options
little time to chose
as in the saying
you snooze you lose

Summer day
wanna pizza
watcha movie
talk on the phone (repeat 2x)

Friday night's here
rounding up the gang
Getting drunk
Wild, wacky and insane

Breaking open hydrants
Water's everywhere
Kids are happy
all is well
there is no sign of fear

Summer day
time to play
no more school
kids rule

night time's coming
beach parties

Have a drink
stay a while
smoke some cigs
chill N smile

Summer night
Have a fight
Throw some cash
Have a bash

Joy Ride

Bitter cold
I'm all alone
Surronded by people
I'm screaming but no one hears
I'm yelling but no one cares

Get treated like i'm dirt
Get pounded but i'm not hurt
Get in trouble just sometimes
Get a life they always say

A love is far away
Might come to me one day
Some guy not bitter but sweet
He might be so caring
Lots of troubles in my life
Mama thinks im high
Always checking in my room
What's she gonna find

Drive for a joy ride
Smoke all in the car
Criss crossing on the road
What a night