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People and their character bios

Note:::Some pictures maybe have come from other pplz websites.sry but dang good pics!!.I give the owners of those pics full credit and have marked their websites in a special section of my site.

Lindsay Korman/Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald
Lindsay Korman plays Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald on NBC's Passions.She has won many contest like beauty.She was the national preteen winner also.Some of her acting credits include: An ugly stepsister in Cinderalla,Dorthy in the Wizard of Oz,Fool for love...which also starred Travis Schuldt,Viva las Vegas, and Maria in the West Side Story. Lindsay lives in LA with her 2 dogs,Princess and Nikki.She has a boyfriend named Mark and her birthday is April 17.
Her character,Theresa,is in love with Ethan Winthrop.She believes fate brought them together.She was once engaged to him but he broke it off when she lied to him.She is now married to Julian Crane. Theresa had a child and she named him:Ethan Martin Crane.

Travis Schuldt/Ethan Winthrop #1
Travis Schuldt played the handsome Ethan Winthrop. Travis has played Ethan since the show's launch, which was in 1999. Travis was born and raised in Kansas.He graduted with a degree of theater.Some of his acting credits include:Glengarry Glen Ross, Taming of the Shrew,The Tragedy of McBeth and Fool for Love...which also starred Lindsay Korman. He and some friends founded the Lone Star Ensemble. Travis's birthday is on September 18.Travis has announced he will not renew his contract for Ethan on Passions.

Ethan Martin Crane
Born in the Crane Cabin, Ethan Martin is the son of Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald and Julian(Or so we think).He was about to lost his mother because she was being excuted.Luckily, Alister pulled some strings and saved Theresa so Ethan Martin could have his mother.Alister only did this because Theresa was the mother of a crane heir.Ethan Martin is named after Theresa's one true love Ethan Winthrop and Theresa's father,who dissapeared, Martin Fitzgerald.Ethan Martin was being taken care of by Ethan.He is a wonderful baby boy.

Eric Marsolf/Ethan Winthrop #2
Eric Marsof is the next Ethan Winthrop.When Travis left,he came. Eric was in passions before.One time as the zombie cop and another time as the devil guy that led Theresa to hell.First acting role, Professor Henry Higgins My Fair Lady.His other acting credits include:Universal Studios as Spiderman, Green Goblin, Scorpion King, and Elwood Blues and Pharaoh in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, which he toured nationally with for four consecutive years. His birthday is July 27.Eric's character is Ethan Winthrop.Ethan has always been with his high school sweetheart,Gwen Hotchkiss.But his heart was stoled by the beautiful Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald.Ethan dumped Gwen and got engaged to Theresa.He broke it off when Theresa lied to him...many times.He is now dating Gwen again.Ethan also learned that his father isn't Julian Crane but is Harmony's police cheif Sam Bennet.Theresa is now Mrs.Julian Crane and is letting Ethan stay at the mansion.Ethan was taking care of Theresa's baby who is his namesake.