Day by day updates

Here are day by day recaps.Each day I will post the day's recap.They will be posted until the next week. These updates are

Monday-dec 02nd
Pilar's reporter friend, Maria Celeste, continues to flirt with an oblivious Julian to get the dirt on him and his family. Theresa grows nervous as Ivy tries to convince Ethan and Gwen to move out of the mansion. Ethan is impressed with Theresa when she retells how she stopped Julian from divorcing her.

Tabitha gets an invitation to spend Thanksgiving with the Bennetts. Clamoring for a holiday feast, Cecil and Cracked Connie coerce Tabby into taking them with her.

Sam is hurt when he sees David has helped Grace get ready for Thanksgiving dinner. Grace lets Sam know she doesn't think she can count on him. David reports the marital tension back to Ivy. Kay is irritated when Grace fusses over John. Reese and Jessica share a close moment, but back off when a suspicious Kay questions them.

Antonio overhears Luis tell Sheridan he loves her. Beth's quick thinking keeps Antonio in the dark. Luis wishes the truth had come out. Beth privately vows not to let that happen.

Tuesday- dec 3rd
veryone congratulates Miguel and Charity on their official engagement. Tabitha tells Cecil and Cracked Connie the three of them will be destroyed should the marriage occur. Cecil and Cracked Connie scamper off to cause trouble. Kay lashes out in anger at Grace. When David sticks up for Grace, Kay makes veiled threats against him. A stunned David realizes the scheming teen knows about him and Ivy.

The Russells and Liz arrive to spend Thanksgiving with the Bennetts. TC continues letting Whitney have it for losing the tennis match. Whitney silently suffers as Simone fawns all over Chad.

Father Lonigan nearly tells Antonio the truth. Beth covers and manages to keep the secret hidden. Father Lonigan tells Sheridan he can't marry her and Antonio if she is really in love with Luis. Sheridan lies to keep Antonio in the dark and hurts Luis deeply in the process.
Wednesday-dec 4th
The Bennett Thanksgiving dinner turns into a disaster when the meal is tampered with. Grace blames herself for ruining the dinner. Cracked Connie and Cecil snicker as their handiwork causes Grace to snap. Sam comforts Grace and the two reconnect. Sam assures his wife she means everything to him.

Kay lets her feelings about Charity and John be known. Charity's choice in a wedding dress upsets Kay.

TC lays down the law with Whitney. Liz and Whitney bond. An unsettled Eve warns Liz to stay away from her daughters.

Rebecca continues working on her plan to destroy Theresa. Theresa's conversation with Father Lonigan puts a sudden halt to Ethan and Gwen's wedding plans. Concerned that Ethan is marrying Gwen out of obligation, Father Lonigan asks Ethan who he really loves: Gwen or Theresa. Theresa is certain he will choose her.
Thursday- dec 5th
Theresa and Luis lament their lost loves and encourage each other to move on. Whitney learns Ethan proposed to Gwen and comforts her devastated friend.

Antonio pushes for a double wedding. Feeling Sheridan has chosen his brother over him, Luis agrees to it. Beth is delighted. An angry Sheridan pulls Luis aside to confront him.

Grace, Jessica, and Simone help Charity plan her wedding while Kay quietly sulks. Recalling her premonition, Charity worries that her marriage to Miguel will cause others pain. Kay is hurt when Grace gives Charity her wedding gown. Kay disavows Grace as her mother.
Friday-dec 6th

Antonio worries about Sheridan's future and asks her for a promise. Antonio imagines who Sheridan could end up with after he dies. Beth is thrilled when Luis accepts her marriage proposal. Luis attempts to be straight with Beth by gently informing her he would be marrying Sheridan instead if she were free. Beth hides her hurt and in turn, asks Luis if he will end up leaving her for Sheridan once Antonio dies.

Jessica helps Charity with her wedding gown. She warns Kay not to cause any trouble. Later, Kay tries to talk Miguel out of marrying Charity, but he reiterates his love for her cousin. Kay accuses Miguel of using her.

Ethan fills Chad in on Gwen's pregnancy. Meanwhile, Theresa declares to Whitney that it's not over between her and Ethan. Theresa tries to convince her friend that they can have it all, but Whitney fears she will end up with nothing.